Tuesday, 1 April 2014

bridging, grow up, and having fun with grampa

1 Doing work on my class I am stumped by a series of questions and am frustrated by my inability to 'get it'. I take a break, then realize it's okay to ask for help, google or do other things to build the bridge of knowledge to my brain!
2 It's been a sunny few days and the plants we brought from the island are happy and growing like mad. The peonies never liked having wet feet and now they're reaching wildly for the sun. I'm so looking forward to seeing if theses lovelies will bloom in pots this year. Their homes are still to be determined.
3 We help some new friends move then go to the kids place to help with the cutting down of a large maple tree in their front yard. Mr P does the trimming of the lower branches and we get that cleaned up and they haul a truckload to the dump. Saturday we'll be back to do the rest of it. The maple will be replaced by a cherry tree, yum!

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