Thursday, 24 April 2014

50%, we three, and somewhere over the rainbow

1 The stump is finally cut in half. They manage to get one half into the trailer using leverage and a car jack. Half of the stump is in the utility trailer and the other is right behind it on the ground in the driveway, but it's out of the way and will wait to be disposed of until they are back from their trip.
 2 While they are working away at the stump I put the kidlets to sleep and think I will relax but Kes wakes up and with a little bit of cuddling he's back asleep. So I sit with him, doze and soon Izzy, Kes and I are waking and everyone is in a good mood.

3 Rain storms have come and gone all day. This greeted us when we arrived home. A thunderstorm has come up the lake and scared the crows into hiding but the hummingbirds still come and feed. They really prefer the feeder under the eaves. And now another storm is passing by... here's the second rainbow.

1 comment:

Leonora said...

Your rainbow images are so sharp and beautiful!
I like the saga of the stump. You were thorough in getting rid of that tree.