Sunday, 27 April 2014

changing, wheelbarrowing, and room for us all

1 I love how the weather patterns are constantly changing around our home. From the upper side there's blue sky, to the front are gray clouds and to the right there is a combination of both. Ten minutes later and it's mostly blue skies but over one mountain top there's a rain storm.
2 She is handy and innovative and is able to quickly fix the siding problem with a ladder and a hammer. After that's done Izzy says she wants a wheelbarrow ride. I tell her if she can turn it over right side up we'll do it. Well talk about determination. It took three or four tries but eventually she gets it up and we're off. I take her on quite a few tours of the front yard and manage to get lots bumps and holes for her to squeal about. She screams for me to go faster but that's what Grampa does so there's no competing there! We do manage to go fairly fast and when it's time to go in she wants me to dump her out! What fun!
3 The new dining room table and chairs are perfect for the our family. There are six chairs too and what's best is the wee ones can climb up on their own. Mr P says he likes that the chairs have little jackets (covers)! Please excuse the lack of baseboards, we're still renovating and this room will get new baseboards, paint (same colour) and new flooring. Whew!

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