Friday, 25 April 2014

deal hunters, pleased, and healing hands

1 Friday and we're once again on the hunt for deals. He's looking for speakers and I'm checking out new but second hand dining tables and chairs. We are both lucky today and we find our items are both to our liking and both we get bartering! He's kinda a freak when it comes to this stuff but I like it!
2 Michie and I chat while Grampa and Izzy head out for a walk together and Kes sleeps. Grampa lays out the rules and he talks to our wee one about compromise. They agree to go on a short walk but once they're back she tells me it was a long walk. She seems very pleased that it turned out that way.
3 My massage was kinda painful when I was getting it but it worked and I'm moving much better. I think I'll just have to be careful for a while so it can heal.

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