Saturday, 5 April 2014

maple tree, kisses, sleepy girl, once upon a time

1 The kids have a very large maple in their front yard that has huge roots and makes a mess and well, although it's healthy it's bound to be even more trouble later on. So now is the time to get it out. It's round two on the tree falling project, and we have taken two truckloads of branches to the dump already. Tomorrow it's round three, tree falling and root pulling.
2 Grampa lies down on the couch for a rest. Isabelle kisses him gently on his forehead and says good night Grampa, then giggles.
2a Izzy is tired but doesn't want to sleep even though we are snuggling. Eventually she says, "Can I be your baby? Hold your arms like this Grama." I say of course and snuggle her into my arms, smooth her hair, give her a kiss. I love how her eyelids flutter as she struggles to stay awake, sees me, is reassured and sleeps. She wakes once and says she wants Grampa and he is right there to hold her hand and once again all is well.
3 Okay folks, we are sleeping in our own room tonight! So excited. All we have in there is the bed because well we need a new chest and night tables so it's sparse. Pictures, drapes and rugs will go in soon enough. For now we're just happy to be up off of the floor. Before and after pictures to follow soon.

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