Wednesday, 2 April 2014

blenz, ktown, and book club

1 A morning spent reading the rest of the book for book club tonight. Blenz is great coffee and the shop is locally owned and operated. I indulge in a large latte and bran muffin. Oh yes, it had raisins but I pushed through that...butter helped!
2 The local radio station is similar to one at the coast. It's classic rock and they play a lot of the songs we regularly listen to. We laugh to ourselves when they call the city KTown. Sounds so country and we definitely rock and roll people!
3 Jan and I go to her book club tonight. The book we read was, A Visit from the Goon Squad. The consensus was unanimous that no one liked this book. It was too incoherent and not easy to follow. I liked certain parts of it and was drawn in by certain characters but nothing ever built to a full conclusion. On a different note, the group is wonderful. I really enjoyed the women, laughter, food and look forward to next months' get together. We are reading Fifty Shades of Grey! I suspect the focus will be on food and laughter not the literary accolades that this book will never receive.

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Leonora said...

It's a huge adjustment, moving. It helps to embrace it by exploring every new thing from coffee shops to radio stations to friends and finding the joy in each. : )