Tuesday, 29 April 2014

get ready, flower power, and space to move

1 The trailer is picked up early this morning. I was in the shower and Mr P comes running in and says rather excitedly, "They're here. I need your help with the paperwork, so please hurry!" Thankfully I was finishing up so it didn't take long to get 'presentable'. Well, if you call wet hair tied in a bun, no makeup okay. Truth be told, I did take time to brush my teeth!
2 Spring is doing it's thing.
3 Mr P and I are both thrilled at how much space we feel we have now that the cargo trailer is outta here. We clean off the driveway and Install the large house number post, Mr P weed eats the yard, I plant two hanging baskets and clean up some others and we move the big jasmine to the front where it's shadier and put a huge honeysuckle (in a pot) on the back deck.
3a I'm too tired to take pictures so those will come tomorrow.

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