Saturday, 19 April 2014

worker bees, cherry tree, and best

1 They worked long and hard on the stump today. It's now just the base, and they think if they can get rid of more soil and roots it can be cut in half and disposed of. Michie works on the flower bed planting and watering and plants a new hybrid cherry tree in a new spot.
2 Izzy says, "I can't see if the tree is growing. Why isn't it growing?" I explain to her that growing trees is a slow process and that good things take time. She stomps her foot and says, "Oh Grama! I need cherries now!"
3 We do a tour around the lake on the other side and realize with no surprise that we are in the spot that's perfect for us. A little bit city and a lot of country. Our spot is just right~

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