Monday, 14 April 2014

let it go, progress on projects, and Gaile

1 It's a challenge to let go of things when we have a story in our heads about what should or shouldn't happen. But when we distract and self soothe we can create a place that's kinder and gentler in ourselves.
2 Our projects are coming together. My kitchen island needed to be re-sanded after staining but that's okay, it'll be much better now that it's smoother; another coat of paint went on the window frame coat rack, an outside table is prepped for staining and the jasmine gets rewound into the deck railing leaving a better view for us to see the hummingbirds feed. His project is to make new closet organizers. So far the basement office is completed and next is the walk in master followed by the guest room upstairs.Lots of planning and wood being cut here. It smells like fresh pine, well, at least until we paint.
3 We have a chance to catch up on our goings on now that she's home from her holiday to the island. We share a few laughs and talk about all the things that only we can share with each other. It's special and rare to have someone in your life like that.

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