Wednesday, 30 April 2014

forecast, sun, cat antics, and fy

1 The weather has changed. at least for the next few days. It's been warm, hot really and sunny and the deck chairs call to us. We repair our patio umbrella and find some respite in the shade.
2 When I'm getting ready for bed I notice that my arms and neck are pink!
3 Yuki, the kids cat is a wee bit lonely with the family away for a few days. When I go over to feed him, the fish and water the plants he's friskier than usual. He runs into my legs and feet, he swats at my loose hair when i reach down to pet him and then zips all over the place trying to get my attention. Later he settles down and we have a good pet.
4 Male hummingbirds are doing aerial acrobatics.

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