Thursday, 1 May 2014

he says it all, abandoned, and mr fix it

1 A one sided conversation at the local hardware store.The owner says, "Just call me if there is absolutely anything you need to know because I'm the guy to talk to about anything and everything!"
2 The motorcycle calls him and he calls me. We take a tour around the upper areas of our neighbourhood and find some pretty spectacular views. I'm intrigued by a few of the older homes on really large lots that have lost their owners and are boarded up, overgrown and silent.
3 Mr P can fix just about anything. Today it's a pvc pipe that solves the problem of the 'extremely short umbrella pole". How did it get that short you ask? hmmm My lips are sealed!


Leonora said...

Hmmm, how DID it get short?

the plant gardener said...

lol, well i had this great idea to shorten it so it would work in as a cover in the hot tub at the old place but in this space we need height! Oh, who did the actual cutting of the, um that would be me!