Thursday, 29 May 2014

it'll be okay, zen time, and the ensuite

1 A day off but I'm up early and gone to a pre surgical screening appointment. The ladies working in the office are lovely and kind and the appointment is much shorter than expected. I'm in good shape and they don't expect any complications. (it's a woman thing!)
2 I sit in the car by the beach sipping my coffee and nibbling on a apple. I people watch for a while then it's time to get on with the day.
3 We putter around the house doing bits of this and that. Mr P has spent days working on the ensuite just for me. It's very spa like and feels  much bigger having been painted a lighter colour. He puts up towels bars, doors, a new shower head and makes it just perfect for me. (I think he realllly wants the other bathroom to himself!)

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Leonora said...

Ah, those "woman things" seems like our bodies always need attention. I hope it all goes well!