Saturday, 10 May 2014

black is back, birthday box, and different styles

1 It's like this, sometimes a plan works perfectly and sometimes it just doesn't come together at all. Case in point, the coffee table redo. First it didn't take the gel stain, then it needed to be sanded but instead it bit my toe, and then finally today I re-stained it and it came out spotty. It's time for Plan B. Paint it black and put it downstairs in the family room. It should match the entertainment center perfectly!
2 Who doesn't like treats? Well, today was my lucky day to go into the Bulk Barn. I couldn't believe how row after row of bulk candy met me as I walked through the front door. I picked up some special candies for our Nick's birthday package. He'll particularly be happy to get the root beer gummies and the lego candies for his students.
3 We had an impromptu dinner of rice smothered with sauteed zucchini, onions, peppers and turkey sausage. Mr P gobbled his down with a spoon while I delicately ate mine with chopsticks.

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