Thursday, 8 May 2014

getting creative, opportunity knocks, and peony

1 Chris, Isabelle and I spend some time this afternoon making Mother's day and birthday cards for Izzy's mom and Lola (other Grandma). We draw, cut, colour, write letters and put on stickers. What fun! Izzy and Daddy make the cards for Kesler because he's sawing logs (sleeping!)
2 A surprise phone call this afternoon leads to a job interview. It's set for this coming Monday morning. I'm excited that there's suddenly an opening at a local hospital. I'm thinking of a list of questions to ask at the interview. I've worked in healthcare before in a job almost identical so those are coming easily to me.
3 The peonies are so big that they need peony rings to hold them up. This surprises me because I dug them up in February to move them and they're still in pots. Apparently they don't like being moved but these ones are all happy and have blooms on them!

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