Monday, 26 May 2014

Monday monday, make a reservation please, and get your own space please

1 Mondays often have 'that' vibe to them, don't they? It's these comments that make me smile and wonder; it's too much or too little coffee, too early or too late for work, and last but not least;  the where in the heck did the weekend go!
2 The tea and coffee are hot but the air is cool and breezy. Once again spring showers, hail and wind are predicted and appear. After work I'm happy to sit on the deck in the sun even though it's still cool. Rain or shine that deck is reserved for us.
3 Mr P worked hard on the ensuite today. He put on the final coat of paint and just has the ceiling to touch up and baseboards.  I'm happy he's putting it together now. He says it's all for me but I suspect he just wants a bathroom to himself too.

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