Thursday, 15 May 2014

painters, change it up, and a big pot

1 The paint brush and roller are our companions this afternoon. We finish a few more closet doors, and he paints the entertainment unit add on and I paint the infamous coffee table. It's now a lovely flat black and I think I'll keep it upstairs until I find the one that will work with a new sectional that I see in the future.
2 Mr P has chemical sensitivities so some paints are just plain vile for him. He puts on a respirator to paint the shelving in the furnace/storage room. I tried to help him out but the fumes overpowered me and even with breaks of fresh air I can feel a headache coming on. So he shoos me away to finish on his own and I go outside and plant some petunias for the hummingbirds.
Baba's Borstch  Both of my Baba's and my mom and her sisters, all loved making borstch. I learned why this was true from first hand experience. I fondly remember asking my Baba Androsoff for the recipe and she said she didn't have one written down but if I wanted to come over she'd teach me how to make her special recipe. We cooked, laughed and shared our love of cooking and of each other. This is one of the happiest memories of my childhood with my Baba. 
I am pleased to share it with you and hope you enjoy making and eating it too!
Добре Час

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