Monday, 5 May 2014

chocoholic, activities, headset, and vivid

1 Indulging in homemade rolo bars that our daughter in law made for a treat yesterday. It's the ultimate in sweetness and heaven help me, I'm craving more!
2 Izzy and Kes take turns playing with me in the backyard. First Kesler and I play on the swing. He laughs a belly laugh when I catch his feet each time his swing comes near me, She is enthralled with the worms we find. She likes the feel of them in her hand and we dig little holes in the soil to send them back to nature. Later she wants to dig them up to show Grampa.
3 Izzy has a headset that sends out sounds that create new neuropathways to help with her hyperactivity. It's amazing to see how she responds with concentration and the ability to adjust to situations where normally she'd be bouncing off of the walls!
4 The tulips are vivid colours of pink, yellow, orange and reds.

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