Monday, 12 May 2014

hired, viewed, and sold

1 The job interview went exceptionally well. Within 20 minutes I was hired! It's in a local hospital in registration and switchboard. Two things I've done before and really love. There's something about helping those in need that makes everything come into perspective.
2 Mr P and I go on an adventure up a rail trail and see amazing views of our valley. Where we traveled was through an area where a firestorm had gone through in 2003 so it was desolate in some area but new growth is slowly pushing it's way through.
3 Sold! I have sold my first fine art print on ETSY.  When I first saw the email from PayPal I thought it was a scam so what a funny moment when I realized I had sold the heron flying print. Awesome!

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Leonora said...

Congratulations! and Congratulations! A new job and an etsy shop, both fantastic!