Monday, 7 April 2014

tree troubles, captured, and the kids

1 Tree falling and root pulling....hmmm Well here's the story. The root system on this maple is HUGE! We did a bit more tree trimming and got to the place where we just had a very tall stump and he tried to pull it out. First the rope snapped and then when we used a thick cable wire it just sawed it so we had to stop. So root digging and axes were used and we just barely made a dent. So needless to say it was time to stop. Chris needs to find out what's underneath all those roots so we don't break septic or gas lines. We are on pause.
2 It's time to get back to photography. The camera is calling me and I have a few ideas for what I'd like to get 'captured'.
3 Isabelle loves playing and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and Kesler has fun with the tiny dribble of water from the hose. They manage to amuse themselves while we work at our tasks. I cook dinner, Michie does a bit of plant pruning, the guys move furniture and setup the rooms and Izzy and Kes decorate the front driveway with their toys!

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