Saturday, 8 March 2014

it's in the wind, planner, and generosity

1 The day's windy again and we are reminded of the island where the wind blows in gales and in waves. Here the wind is constant, gently bending the treetops and grasses and even the wind chime plays along.
2 He spends his time outside setting up the camper, and moving the vehicles around so everything fits. The driveway needs to be readjusted and we'll need to bring in fill and create a new space so he is thinking and planning it all out.
3 The kidlets stop by for a brief visit. Izzy and I quickly get to work and make a cake for our dinner tomorrow. She licks the beater and then all of a sudden gets an idea and jumps off of the chair and heads to the front door. I hear her call, 'Grampa, do you want this chocolate?'

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Leonora said...

She's a sweetheart to share with grampa like that!
It's interesting the subtle differences we notice in a change of environment, like the wind. I suppose each season will bring new experiences for you in your new home.