Tuesday, 25 March 2014

parallels, doppelganger, and best healing to you our friend

1 Today I met a man who was from the area where I grew up and we knew a few of the same people. It's true really how small our world is. And it was amazing the parallels we have in our family life.
2 Chris calls to tell me he saw my doppelganger. Apparently she's the exact me except about 15 years younger. Same hair colour and cut, eyes, nose, we dress the same style and same colours. This is the second time that someone has told me this. How exciting! I wonder if we'll ever meet? She sounds perfect, ha ha!
3 Our dear friend has had a series of seizures and has been brought to the hospital here. We are lucky to visit with him because it is immediate family only. We talk to him even though he isnt well enough to respond and later I say a few prayers for him. We are hopeful he will have a peaceful night and we can see him again tomorrow. Blessings and love dear friend~

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