Friday, 21 March 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

1 Gaile arrived this afternoon and it's like we haven't been apart for very long at all. Before we know it we're in Starbucks with coffees, treats catching up on everything.
2 Kesler seems to be recovering well from his ear tube procedure. He is once again a smiling, happy boy.
3 We have time to stop in to the liquor store and we each pick out a wine. Different wineries, same choice; Savignon Blanc. She likes Jackson Triggs, I prefer Mission Hills.
4 We do some some paint shopping and come home with the perfect shade of white for our trim. Cameo white by Cloverdale Paint.
5 Izzy comes over for a visit while her Mommy and Daddy go birthday shopping for her birthday party happening Thursday. She's so excited to see Nanny Gaile. We play outside in the sand for a while and then her family comes for dinner here and we all get to visit.
6 The day is not chaotic at all. We visit, eat, visit, rest, visit and eat some more...oh yes, let's not forget the wine.
7 There's a little girl who turned four today. She was so excited and was a big help with decorating and getting ready for her party. Her mommy made a Canterlot cake with pinks and purples and Daddy made hot dogs and hamburgers. Izzy tells me her favourite food is cheese burgers.
8 The trim in the master bedroom gets its first coat of paint. Isn't strange how we know it's the first coat so it won't actually cover all the paint underneath but darn it, wouldn't it be great it that's all we ever needed?
10 Coat number two goes on and it's looking better but we decide we still will need that third coat of paint. The walls had one of primer and three of paint to cover the sage green that was already there.
11 The Bliss Bakery lives up to its name. We have soup and spinach croissants and then walk the lakefront trail towards the town and back to a few shops to poke about. Finally we decide we'd better get going and head to the grocery store for a few things we'll need for the BBQ later but we never get there because Gaile's husband Frank and her grandson are walking along the street! They've made good travel time and are here early!
12 Gaile's husband and three grandkids come in the afternoon and we have a chance to meet them. Great kids for sure. We feast on bbq burgers and chips and later ice cream, fruit, lemon meringue pie and chocolate! We love having a houseful of people! yay~

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