Saturday, 15 March 2014

call the tow truck, search party, and kaput

1 The BCAA driver is here in under 10 minutes. He is fast, courteous and is out of here in no time and we find one set in the ignition and the other in the console as predicted. Thank goodness for this company!
2 Meantime, we'd looked through every drawer and every box searching for the spare set. And while we know now the keys were in the truck we also know what's in just about every box!
3 I'm glad this day is over.


Leonora said...

Oops! I was signed in under my daughter when I last commented.

Leonora said...

I think I commented under my daughter's sign-in yesterday. (She never signs back out when she uses my computer.)
Anyway- #3 made me smile. I've had days like that. When I flop into bed, so glad that it's over.