Sunday, 2 March 2014

early birds, bannock, family time, and what we do

1 It's Sunday morning and because we're sleeping in the front room, on a mattress, on the floor, we don't sleep in. As soon as we finish the master bedroom and en suite, we're outta here!
2 Breakfast at a local restaurant serves us, eggs, bacon, hash browns and bannock. It's my first taste of bannock and I like it, a lot.
3 Our Okanagan family comes for dinner tonight at our new home. We dine on a big pot of spaghetti, caesar salad, garlic toast and later fresh pineapple. Isabelle and Kes take turns mixing the salad for me. Two tosses, one bite  I send them home with a spaghetti casserole for baking tomorrow.
4 Izzy takes the stage on our fireplace hearth, Kesler is the magnet master, Michie fixes the computer bridge, Russ and Chris are in charge of getting the car up the snowy driveway and I get to watch it all. Soon we hope Nick and Sara will joining us...Bliss~

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