Saturday, 29 March 2014

lights on, what's on the menu?, it's worth planning, and things are looking up

1 Earth Hour. It's a joke. It costs more in fossil fuels to market and promote this scheme than they would ever save. Hmm, I guess I'll leave the lights on when we go out for dinner.
2 The Japanese restaurant is cozy and the food is exactly what they say it will be. Miso soup, sunumono salad, teryaki, salad and sashimi. We're sharing and not quite full so we indulge in a dynamite roll. I'd like to say it was dynamite but it was exactly what the meal was average. Still we are full of food and green tea and happy.
3 Tomorrow Mr P is headed to the coast for brunch with some people he's corresponding with from the Landmark Forum course he took in February. It's four hours each way but worth it for him. My plan is to read, paint and later have the kids over for dinner.
3a Oh, I hope to visit with our friend in hospital. He's doing much better; he still has to have more tests but he's improving every day.

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