Monday, 13 January 2014

trees, level of heat and visitors

1 The roads we are driving are winding and edged with gnarly, mossy, old Garry Oak trees. The trees have been cut and removed from so many areas that they are now protected by law. As we drive, I search the side of the roads avidly but don't see any new seedlings. I wonder what is stopping these beauties from saving themselves.
2 Thai food can be many shades of spicy. The hot and sour soup is mild with chilies on the side. The waitress smiles and says, "This much chilies is beyond what the human body can handle." He carefully puts a quarter teaspoon in and we watch the soup slowly change colour from whitish to pinkish. It's exactly as we thought, hot! It's the perfect soup for fighting a cold, first it's hot and then hotter.
3 The hummingbirds still visit us in the winter on the island. They're called Ana hummingbirds and are not as bright as the Rufus. We have three feeders out but they're particular and are feeding mostly from the one in the front window.

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beth said...

i'm jealous of your humming birds !!!!