Wednesday, 22 January 2014

it's official, the date, and snuggle buddy

1 We have a new home! We did it and won our bid for the home in the Okanagan. It was an interesting process to watch and learn from and we were surprised at the outcome. Well I was surprised but Mr P was pretty sure it was ours.
2 Looking forward to getting all moved into our new home and sitting on the deck while enjoying the warm climate and lake view! Our closing date is February 14th.
3 Our little miss is having a tough time of late. She's been feeling a little out of sorts since her bout with stomach flu. Sending big love her way, hugs, kisses and lots of snuggling.

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Leonora said...

Congratulations! How exciting to 'nest' a new home.
I hope your family's little ones are feeling better now.