Saturday, 25 January 2014

change in the weather, gas vs wood, a hole in the ground, and eats

1 Saturday starts with blue skies and sunshine but by early afternoon the fog has moved in and it's misty and cold. Inside we sip our coffees while we warm our toes by the fire. He takes his black, mine comes with cream and sugar. I guess opposites reallly do attract, at least at our coffee bar.
2 The new home has a gas fireplace instead of a wood stove. What a change this will be for us because we've always had a wood stove and have enjoyed going out for our firewood, chopping, stacking and burning, oh and the picnic part. Guess we'll just have to turn on the switch.
2a In lieu of a wood stove, we've agreed to build a fire pit in our backyard! Izzy loves campfires so it all makes perfect sense. mmm Smores!! I bet Kes will love those more!
Hot and Sour Soup along with a light Quinoa salad for dinner.

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Leonora said...

Your new home has a fantastic view!
Steve and I take our coffee the same way as you two. : )