Friday, 24 January 2014

dreaming, packing, and from cold to piping hot

Home <3
View from our driveway
1 Our new home! This is totally different from our island retreat as it's desert and very dry. The outside has had no love, and had never been landscaped. What a treat for us to design and plan what our vision is. My pen twitches in my fingers as I draw, plan and dream of what will be.
The view from just above our home
2 We return to the island to pack and prepare for our move.He's gathered over 100 packing boxes so far. What? Seriously? Yup, you heard right, the man is an overachiever!
3 We are thankful for the frozen dinners that are still in the freezer making it easy to feed ourselves. So great to just hit the, Frozen Entree button on the microwave and have it come out ready to eat.

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