Saturday, 15 February 2014

good friends and hot soup, covered up, toe tapping, and peace

1 Rainy days are so much better when they're shared with good friends. Today is one of those days. Two of my walking group friends come walking with me at Westwood Lake. After our wet walk we pop into a bakery close by and fill our bellies. Two of us had homemade soup and side salad, and the third had a sweet treat. What a good way to say good bye, see you again soon.
2 The tarps covering the camper have broken free of their thin ropes and in the wind they're waving wildly around. The ladder is big and heavy but I manage to get it out of the workshop and set up so I can tie up the tarp again. It's stormy out and there's a wind warning. My hood repeatedly comes off and the rope is slippery but it's all put back together again. Fingers crossed it stays put.
2a Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain
3 Good news. The bank has finally secured our house and the previous owner is out, well almost out. He's been given yet one more "last" opportunity to come and get his belongings (from the garage only) and hopefully tomorrow the property manager will get the rest of it hauled away. Two extra days of having this mess dragged out. Hopefully it will be clean and ready for us to come live in it when we arrive on Tuesday. I pray the family that lived here before us will find peace and resolution.

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beth said...

well a walk with sweet treats at the end sounds perfect to me!!!