Wednesday, 5 February 2014

what to do, brrr, and what's the plan?

1 He said, she said, waiting, signing, scanning, emailing, phone calls, repeat as necessary. This seems to be our pattern during the day, but tonight we set it all aside and have a healthy dinner, watch a movie and soak our old achey bones in the hot tub. (We are in agreement. The first thing we are saving for at the new house is a hot tub!)
2 Baby it's cold outside! Even on the island it's cold. The plants are in shock from the cold temperatures but hopefully they'll keep their buds. I especially see the plants like rhododendrons and some of the tropical Japanese plants folding their leaves downwards in either sadness or to protect themselves. Inside the plants are given spots away from drafts and cold wind from open doors. 
3 We are coming up with a plan for moving the inside plants to their new home and avoiding the cold temperatures. Mr P suggests they get a back seat ride in his truck so he can stand them up and they should be warm; heated seats.

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