Friday, 28 February 2014

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

1 We work side by side for most of the day, stopping now and then for a break, a bit of horsing around or a nap.
2 It feels like home already even though it's strewn with boxes,(some empty and some full of stuff), packing paper, empty cups and chaos in general.
3 Two extra large woodpeckers land in the large pine tree in the back yard and proceed to chase each other up to the highest branch possible. First one climbs two or three branches then the other goes and all of a sudden there's no place left to climb. And just as the branch starts bending they take flight, simultaneously!
4 We head back to get the last load so we're up early, enjoy a quick cuppa and we're off.
5 The roads are wet and bare, traffic is light and we have enough time to get lunch at a sister restaurant from Nelson. Their food is just as delicious so we get some to go as well. It made our dinner choices simple, soup or salad.
6 We hit the ground running and before we know it the rest of our things are packed and loaded into the trailer, and the house is cleaned and floors washed.  Soon we're suitability fed and washed and snuggled ready for our last sleep there.
7 Morning comes way too soon but we're up and outta there in short order. There is nothing left to do except for the camper pickup which Mr P will do.
8 Again were blessed with good roads, little traffic and make it home in good time. We're made aware of our good timing when we hear there's been an accident on the very highway we were just driving on. Thankful.
9 After many ear infections this year the doctors have finally decided to give Kes tubes in his ears. Sounds like this procedure will happen soon. We're happy we can help out now that we're living closer.

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Leonora said...

It sounds like it's all coming together! That last part of cleaning the old place was always my least favorite. : )