Tuesday, 11 February 2014

concluding, how to, and musical interlude

1 The staff from the union office are so lovely to me when I stop by to tell them we are moving away from the area. A few hugs and some warm wishes, exchange of information and an invitation for them to come visit and I'm done. I'm hopeful that there is work available for me in the new office. I've already worked for this supervisor so I am hopeful my work and work ethic will speak for itself. 
2 They use my How To book to do their training. I'm very pleased and proud of that. I think I might have a niche. Now the question is, how to make that make money?
3 January through April are always very wet months on the island. There's often little sunshine (that's why we all take Vitamin D tablets) but today there's a combination of rain and sun. Later in the evening a storm hits and rattles the house and downspouts creating a symphony in metal.

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