Tuesday, 25 February 2014

tea, snowy plants, let's go, lost wallet, quicker, and another first together

1 A cup of tea every now and then helps us keep pushing forward. At one point I realize I've packed up the tea/coffee cupboard and have to search through the sea of boxes to find our stash. Crisis averted!
2 The snow just doesn't let up and we are surprised to see about 8 inches of accumulation on the roof. The driveway gets shoveled repeatedly and I'm amazed at Mr P and how he forges along packing up. He's packed up the utility trailer with garden items and some rather large potted plants. (I re-potted some favourites to take with me to the new home)
3 We decide to go tomorrow despite the snow because the forecast is for sunny weather. Option one is to take the full cargo trailer, option two is to take a fully loaded truck/canopy and utility trailer. He's done so much driving lately that we opt for option two so he has an easier time of it.
4 I realize as we are leaving the restaurant that I've misplaced/lost my wallet. Not a good feeling at all. We quickly return to our previous stop and there it is sticking up in a pile of slush. Good thing there was snow and few people venturing out or this might not have had such a happy ending.
5 Our trip today is much much faster than before. The skies are blue, not a cloud to be found and the roads for the most part are either wet or dry and bare. Yes!
6 The grand kidlets are pretty excited to see us. We share dinner at their home and will spend our first night together in our new home tonight. I'm blogging and he's enjoying a soak in an extra deep bathtub.(That's as much as should be said!)

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