Friday, 14 February 2014

voilà, course, tag along, M, on the water, Hugo, and it's just another day

1 Mr P is the kind of guy that makes something out of nothing. He finds online a treadmill and seeks out the owner so he can buy it for us. When he gets there the man says that it isn't working now and he will need to spend $80 just for a service/repair and it's barely worth that much. So ingenious Mr P grabs the opportunity to say, "I'll be happy to take it off of your hands," and the man surprisingly says, "Sure!" He brings it home and fiddles with a few wires and voilà,it works! I really enjoyed my 30 minute walk/run.
2 Mr P is off to the mainland this afternoon for a course called Landmark Forum. Personal development has always been something we both have looked forward to and he gets to go first. (The coaches suggest taking these courses on your own. Besides, I'm doing a course of my own already.) Bonus is he's staying at a B&B that an old school friend of mine owns and runs. How lovely to be able to share friendships.
3 What a surprise! I go Vancouver too! We walk on the ferry and take the bus almost to the front door of our B&B. It's right downtown with lots of traffic but the building is heritage and we easily spot it.
4 Our host is a school friend from many years ago. We have sherry and tea and talk about so many things and it feels like just yesterday that we'd seen each other. Truth be told it's been over 30 years!
5 M takes me out for breakfast at the rowing club in Coal Harbour. It's a simple yet stunning setting and we share our food and our lives in a very special way that only dear friends can. My heart bursts with big emotion because our friendship has been renewed.
5a M's mastiff Hugo is divine!
6 The girl at the coffee shop gives me my only valentine gift; a coffee with a lovely heart on it.

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