Thursday, 20 February 2014

opening boxes is like opening presents, peso the explorer, bliss, and he's done it again

1 It's another day of unpacking and organizing. How fun it is to get to do this in our new home? The sun streams brightly through all the lake facing windows (just like our first day) and it's warm and inviting. The kitchen setup is quite like the one I have just left and it's relatively easy to find homes for things. We are missing a couple of pantries that we had before so we'll be looking for a match to these cabinets for appliance storage.
2 Peso has decided he's an explorer. Two days in a row he's gone missing. First up the hill, today down to the woods. He must have run into the tall grasses and with his colouring being similar soon he's disappeared. We think he's not far away but he's not coming and he's in big trouble. Eventually he comes up from the woods, slowly with his little teeny tail low and not wagging. His mom says he's going to have to go on a lead next time.
3 Bliss Bakery is our newest find here. It's very trendy and right on the lake. Bet it's busy and very popular in the summer. We indulge in coffees, and sandwiches made with thick home made breads, cheese and meats.
3a Once again our son, C, makes us dinner and we are so thankful. Tonight it's lasagna, salad with garlic toast for the adults but the grandkidlets prefer mac and cheese. Our appetites vary depending on whether or not you've been hit by the flu bug. Apparently my appetite is just fine!

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