Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Tuesday to Remember

1 Now that was a trip to remember!  We decided that despite the bad roads we'd head out on our way and see how far we could get.  The forecast was just not in our favour so we thought waiting for a break wasn't an option. One pass was closed for an avalanche and the other route was open but iffy. So off we went despite it all. We start over the pass and soon the roads become compact snow, which quickly escalated to white out conditions. I'm following his truck and trailer so I have a bit of an idea of where the road actually is, when all of a sudden he's not there and a snowplow passes me and buries me in snow!  Holy, what a scary feeling. I get on the walkie talkie and reconnect with Mr P. He waits for me as I crawl slowly to where he's stopped. Trucks are stopped part way up hills, one is jack knifed in the middle of the road, some are chaining up and we push on. What other option is there but to keep going?
2 Finally we are through the pass and make our way to the next town. We find a cozy spot for tea and a bite to eat and sit quietly, releasing the stress bit by bit, sip by sip and with each breath are grateful to have made it through.
3 It takes us twelve hours to do a trip that's normally eight. We are greeted with love and hugs and words of support and know instantly we have made the right choice.

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