Saturday, 22 February 2014

wondering, isn't it so true?, the packing saga, and the four seasons

1 I wonder sometimes how easy it is for people to know me. I tend to wear my emotions and my feelings on my sleeve for the world to see, so maybe it's not all that hard for people to grasp where I'm at.
1a "You're not moving away from something, you're moving towards something better."
2 As each box is filled, as each room is emptied of belongings and cleaned we edge nearer to our moving out target. We decide not to rush things and just make sure we do things the right way, not forgetting things or taking things just for the sake of taking them. (I have filled another, yes another large box with bits and pieces, half bottles, and junk for the dump)
3 It's a snow day here and large fluffy flakes are falling everywhere and all day long. I'm looking forward to having four seasons again. I have my favourite seasons but I'm not going to tell you what they are right this moment. Perhaps you will figure that out when I'm photographing and sharing my mindful moments with you.

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