Sunday, 9 February 2014

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

1 Snow's falling and the temperature is dropping. It is definitely a cold winter day. Waves of clouds pass overhead and darkness envelopes us.
2 The skies clear in the evening and we are treated to bright twinkling stars and a brisk wind. Each time the wind whispers the chimes sing and I'm enchanted as always by the sound.
3 But the wind is also cold and biting and soon the only thing that is above the hot tub water line is our heads. Underneath the water is 102F and we luxuriate in the softness and warmth. When we have to go inside we step gingerly on the decking so we don't slip on the sheet of ice and snow that's there.

4 The greenhouse is full of potted plants that will be making new roots in the Okanagan. Each plant must share with others because space is limited. Seriously, who digs up plants to take to a new home. Me. I do. It's little bits of my grandmothers and mothers gardens and mine too.
5 The boxes are getting filled up faster than I imagined they would be. The closets hold just enough clothing and dishes and bedding to keep us going until move day.
6 We are too tired to eat a big meal so it's some brie, crackers, salsa, pickled asparagus and dill pickles for dinner.

7 When motivation is needed I like to think that the way to make a man get going is through food. So I made some chocolate chip cookies last night. I'm not sure they are motivating him, but he's visiting me a lot while I pack.
8 People keep saying what a beautiful home we have and I have to agree. It is beautiful here, all done, no landscaping or personalizing to be done. It kinda hurt hearing it because it's bittersweet leaving it. Truth be told, I'm ready to put my stamp on the new home. It's a multitude of projects and it will be beautiful too.
9 Two forks, two spoons, two plates, two of everything we need for the next few days. It's time to empty out the fridge and freezer if we can. The less we have to pack the better.

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