Tuesday, 29 July 2014

faves, grumpiness, and make a plan

1 it's always a good day when I spend time with some of my favourite people. Today we talk, laugh, feel a few sadder emotions and end with loving words and lots of hugs.
2 And then we have grumpy people. Shopping today it seemed that all the cashiers were either having a bad day or were just not happy. I tried a few times to make one or two of them smile but having no luck I decided to just say, "Thanks and bless you."
3 We are making a plan to have the kidlets for another sleepover this weekend again! So exciting to have them here, to snuggle with them and read stories before bed. Reminds me of doing the same with their Daddy and my heart swells. Mr P says this post sounds like the story of the Grinch! bah!

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