Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canada Day Weekend

1 Sunday we head to our friends place for a few days of camping out. They live on 1600 acres that is a Nature Trust so it's teaming with birds, fish, wildlife.
2 Canada Day Fireworks, a little bit early but hey, why not?! One goes sideways and I ended up off of Mr P's lap and on the ground!!
3 Time to spend with friends and new friends. We enjoy a pot luck and exchange stories and information. My friend Jan's brother and dad are there as well and we do a lot of catching up! We haven't seen each other since we all graduated from high school!

4 Our time at the beach is supposed to be dedicated to relaxing and reading but we end up visiting instead.
5 Mr P manages to get out three times to the trails for motorbike rides. Each time he comes back he's grinning from ear to ear and has incredibly detailed maps of where he's been. It's perfect riding country.
6 An evening boat ride in a small boat with only a battery operated rudder. It's practically silent and we get to see herons, osprey, eagles and turtles.
7 I have a chance in the morning to be at the lake on my own. If you don't already know, I'm in love with dragonflies so today I'm treated to their presence. They are along the edge of the lake and flutter about eating bugs and chasing each other.
8 We somehow managed to eat an entire watermelon in two days!
9 Baby's it's hot out there and hot in here! 31C and 34C predicted for tomorrow. We have already agreed we'll turn on the a/c tomorrow! yay!

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