Monday, 14 July 2014

catching up on things and now it's monday again

1 My sister and her partner stop by for a short visit on their way home. It's been since Christmas that we've seen each other so this is exactly what we needed. They'd made a trip to Calgary and then Vancouver so they were doing a lot of driving and were ready to get home to their own beds.
2 I started a new switchboard operator job this past week and basically had time to eat,sleep and work. Here are a few highlights.
3 Day one and two of work were kind of what I expected. Sitting back and watching, jumping in here and there, getting bailed out a bit and coming home feeling overwhelmed.
4 Day three was a totally different story. My trainer pushed me, let me sink but never let me drown. I suppose it was a hazing of sorts. Weed out the weak.
5 Although I came home in tears the day before I used some good distress tolerance and self soothing skills, when morning came I reassessed and decided that yes, I could do this job. So I showed up, spoke up and was pleasantly surprised when the girls came to my aid and said that the shifts I had been given were not appropriate just yet. Need more training.
5a We find our way to good friends who are visiting with their granddaughters in the Okanagan and enjoy a glass of wine, bbq burgers and a bit of a sit on the beach. It's just what the doctor ordered.
6 More training but this time with a trainer who had the time to help me put notes together, and who I could laugh with.
7 Last day of training and mid morning I have to call three code blues back to back. My heart was racing but I knew what to do. My trainer put her hand gently on my back and I was instantly reassured. I think more codes, stressful as they are would be helpful in the big scheme of things.
8 We took the grandkidlets to our Iranian friend Zora's farm to play with the sheep and goats and pick cherries. With a little help from Grampa they ended up in the trees.
8aThe moon is full, orange so it's time to play with the camera and tripod. Not bad for a first attempt at a moon in the clouds

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