Thursday, 24 July 2014

running hot and cold, chocolate fix, and who needs a gym?

1 The day brings cooler weather, rain, winds and now that it's evening blue skies with just a few clouds. In the morning we joked about turning the heat on, then I had a hot flash and we solved that problem.
2 It's time to get cookin'. Today I made raw nut treats for Mr P made from a base of almonds (but I used hazelnuts.) He's partial to chocolate and the filling is a mixture of cocoa, maple syrup and coconut oil. They're hardening in the freezer now. I'll let you know the verdict tomorrow. Oh wait, they'll be delicious!  Raw Almond Butter Cups
3 While I'm making these treats Mr P heads out to the driveway to level it in a few spots. Apparently we don't need that bobcat yet, he's doing it himself and saving money because he won't have to go to the gym! We will get that bobcat once the fill is delivered.

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