Sunday, 6 July 2014

see you soon, brother, take the long way home, and rock slide

1 We say our goodbyes and I have to leave quickly before she sees the tears in my eyes. It's been great but too short. Thankfully we'll see them again in a few days when they come out our way to spend time with their granddaughters.
2 My brother is doing well. I'm always happy when I can say those words. He's challenged with mental illness and it's difficult for him in many ways, but he's managing himself well, cooking and looking after things around his home and we have a great visit.
3 Home, the long way round. We drove home  past the ski hill to the main highway then when we come to the fork in the road we go the long way through wine country and past fruit stands. The sun is setting and the clouds are in the strangest patterns with shades of gray mixed with bright pink.
3a When we're almost home the four lane highway is reduced to a single lane and we see the result of a rock slide. Hopefully the highways department will make sure it's all stable before it's reopened again. I used to drive that road to work and now I'm grateful that I go in the other direction!

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