Wednesday, 2 July 2014

hot as hades, book club, and food club

1 Baby it's hot out there. Wowsers! 34C in the shade and overcast. The clouds have rolled in and the heat is trapped underneath.
2 Book club read " 100 foot journey" by Steven Knight. I wasn't impressed with the book although it has possibilities to be much more interesting. The characters were flat and each vignette in the story line was lacking in detail and I quickly lost interest. From another perspective, others like it based on the fact that it wasn't really about people but about food and the drive to create and sustain a restaurant.
3 Vegetable pakoras, fish stew, cold avocado soup, olive tampenade and crackers, creme brule and lemon cake were on the menu for the evening. Oh, and wine, there's always a few bottles of wine to enhance our discussions.

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