Friday, 25 July 2014

swarms, my hero, and the end

1 We had a swarm of honey bees arrive at our place and they took over the hummingbird feeders. We thought it was a few hundred at least on each feeder! I am allergic so it felt rather overwhelming and tears came. He soothes me and says to say inside and he'll take care of it. (note: epi pen had expired! I'll get that fixed on Saturday)
2 Mr P puts on his hard hat, covers it with mosquito netting, puts on a heavy coat, gloves and boots and heads outside to take down the feeders. He sprays them with water first and they get heavy and fly away which gives him time to get them down. He has three to do and is done very quickly. The hive moves on quickly but the scouts stick around. There are lots still here but in a few days we're told they will have moved on. Let's hope so. I miss the hummingbirds!
3 We spend the later evening watching the final show of the crime series that we've been watching. I'm not sure it was the ending I would have chosen but everyone's a critic right? The Wire 2002-2008

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