Saturday, 5 July 2014

everything goes with bacon, in our hearts, tea time, and Sage

1 After a good night's sleep our hosts treat us to a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs! Love crispy bacon...mmmm
2 We take a drive around town and reminisce about how lucky we were to have time living there. Our old house is missing siding and seems so unloved and our rental too is the same state but we loved seeing it anyways. Lots of changes to the town but it still has a feeling of sameness and we both realize it will always be another 'home' for us.
3 Gaile and I wander downtown and enjoy a lovely lunch and chat at Sanderella's Tea House. Just like old times, we share a salad, then we wander to a couple of shops looking for dresses and L brackets! Not in the same store!
4 It's always good to break bread with friends. We enjoy delicious tapas and wine at a local eatery called Sage. The deck is lovely and we enjoy toasts, food, and just being together.

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