Wednesday, 23 July 2014

hiking, eat your fruits and vegetables, and let's make a run for it

1 Crawford Falls was the hike we chose today. It was hot and dry with little sprinkles of rain. As the raindrops hit the dusty path they made little footprints and evaporated almost instantly. We never went down to the falls, it was too steep and slippery (you had to use a rope railing!), so we went to the creek instead. I wondered if the little creek had many fish in it. There was no sign of wildlife except for a few birds and one deer.
2 The market we find has great local produce and good pricing. We pick up beets, carrots, green bean, corn on the cob, cherries, nectarines, olive bread and kamut bread and as a treat some samosas. It's not near our home but we will definitely go back to this market when we're in that area.
3 I love the smell of rain when it's been so hot and dry. It's different from the island where it's muggy and humid; this is crisp and fresh. When we went into the store it was blue skies; when we were ready to come it was like a hurricane with rain and strong winds. What to do? Make a run for it, of course! We made a run for it, and were soaked to the bone within the first five steps. It's funny how when you're laughing you can't run fast, the key fob's don't work, the door gets stuck and the cart wants to roll away!  Now, that was fun.

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