Thursday, 29 January 2015

A bit of a crazy week

1 Tula is having a rough time of it with sneezing and coughing. We've discovered that the SPCA gave her the wrong vaccination. She was given a vaccination for dogs not cats so she will need that and possibly the Bortadella. Poor Tula. She's very tired and lethargic and this morning is spending her day in her cat carrier (her choice).
2 Mr P talked to the SPCA and this is their remedy: feline vaccine and refund on the ear medication.
3 The coyotes were busy in the early hours this morning. We woke up to yipping and howling right below our bedroom window. Mr P took a flashlight out on the deck and we saw three of them heading up the road. Their eyes were shiny and reminded me of a horror movie.
And now for the rest of the week.
Our Tula has been very ill. She developed an irritation in her trachea and it created dehydration along with lethargy and a deep shuddering cough. Mr P took her to the vets and we had her evaluated then hydrated. She returned to us and it's been a slow road to her recovery. For a few days Mr P was giving her fluids with a small syringe and he even slept with her one night. She is mending slowly, eating some and drinking again. Our little lovely will soon been chasing our ankles again and be  back to herself. 

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Leonora said...

Wishing Tula a quick recovery. : )
I understand about the seniority thing. It's good to know what is more important.