Saturday, 10 January 2015

a few quick stories to catch up

1 After my fall it's decidedly smart to take it easy. A little puttering, a little movement and lots of rest.
2 The day passes quickly despite the resting or maybe that's because of it. Lots of heat/cold, heat/cold processes and a good book.
3 I've missed book club two months in a row. December because of work and January because of the fall. I'm determined to get to February's meeting. We are reading the Book of Negroes. I've deliberately not read the reviews on it so I can have it fresh and new to me.
4 The chiropractor pulls and stretches out my neck, upper and lower back areas. It feels like he's pulled it in many directions, each time just a wee bit more. Lastly he does an adjustment on my neck that feels like it's going into my skull with instant relief.
5 The car repair ends up 30% more than estimated. Car is fixed and we can defer the other fixes for another time and possibly another shop.
6 Mr P works on the driveway again so that Chris can drop off the grandkidlets. They're here for a sleep over! Kes is reserved but Isabelle runs to us with open arms and gushes her hellos.
7 Blueberry muffin makers. We have three bowls so that each of us can make our muffins. Only mine get the seal of approval for cooking! Kes decides to wear his in his hair!
8 Later when it's bath time I wash his hair only to discover that he's painted his head with a marker. The suds are BLUE!
9 After baking and lunch we lie down to read our book and soon both of them are making light snoring sounds and have their arms over their heads, so I know it's safe to sneak out of the room and get clean up started.
10 Mr P gets all the dishes done for me. Thank you.
11 A pink play dough spider with eight bendy legs. Izzy loves play dough. Kes observers and eventually comes over to play but is happier with his Leap Frog.
12 Izzy and I made a board game out of some scrap wood from Grampa. We put lots of squares on it and each one gets a number, letter, or picture in it. You roll the dice and Izzy does the counting then we move randomly from one end of the board to the other. She's excited to win but in subsequent games she's very concerned that we all win and even skips her turn to others can move to the finish line! Very sweet thinking for a 4 year old.

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beth said...

you and me both when it comes to the chiropractor!